Some Nigerian lawyers have joined the #LoriIro comedy for a comic relief. Enjoy. 

“My Lord, it must be an error from one of my Juniors.” Lori Iro

My Lord, I’m fully engaged in the month March, April, May and June can we date a date in September. Lori Iro

“Don’t worry just manage when I become a SAN I will increase your stipends.”

“May lord we have an innocuous, harmless application. Very innocuous.”

“My lord I apply for a very short adjournment to put my house in order. A very short date.”

“Oga be like..you should be the one paying me for learning under me. Learn the job first and don’t pursue money.
Client be like.. D Law, I’ll introduce you to my brother in the US who is looking for a lawyer to manage his property in Nigeria . Please collect 10k to write ‘small agreement ‘ for me.” #Lori iro.

” My lord I was never aware my client wrote for a transfer of this matter. I am just hearing that in court this morning. My lord, i have great confidence in this court.

Lori Iro oooo🙄🙄”

” We are just starting and you will grow with us. Lori Iro”

“My Lord , we have just been briefed to handle this matter. We need time to respond….”

“My lord we shall be raising a P.O there are so many fundamental errors
We ask for a short date
We are not in the habit of delaying proceedings.”

“Oga be like; I’m having issues with my moblie App, I’ll call my account officer later. Counsel, use your money and file those processes I’ll refund when you get back to the office #Lori iro.”

“Closing time is 7pm on the letter but one closes 11pm or thereabout!!”

“When the judgment or ruling is not in your favour.
Counsel: We thank my Lord for this judgment. Lori iro🙄”

“My lord, we are unable to cross examine the witness as substantive counsel in the matter is ill and unable to attend court. He was briefed personally and is the one abreast with the facts of this case. I ask for a date for cross examination to enable substantive counsel attend court
himself. Lori Iro”

“My Lord, the Claimant has expressed lack of confidence in this Court on grounds of alleged bias. But we have convinced him that this Court will always do justice. #LoriIro #Asiocha”

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