Professor Emeka Chianu is a Professor of Law, Department of Private & Property Law, Faculty of Law, University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria. He is one of the finest law teachers I have ever known. Prof. Chianu is a prolific writer who has many thoroughly researched works to his name. His books and articles influenced me greatly right from my days at the University of Benin.

In the course of reading his books, I found something fascinating in the introductory sections. You’ve never seen a thing like it. Prof. Chianu practically adores his beloved wife, Uduak, in all his books. I present to you his litany of adulation in honour of his wife. Enjoy!


In Law of Succession, UNILAG Press: Lagos, 2022, vii, Chianu said Uduak is loving and lovable:

Uduak is my wife of over three decades. Our love has grown with the years because she is a loving and lovable person. We are a winning combination as we share the ideal that hard work coupled with moral excellence yields immeasurable benefits: Proverbs 14:23; Amos 5:14. We exert ourselves vigorously to attain the promised thing – the life everlasting on Paradise earth: Luke 13:24; 1 John 2:25.

Uduak is a submissive wife. In Law of Landlord and Tenant (3rd ed.), Oliz Publishers: Benin, 2021, vi, he revealed:

As with many submissive wives, my dear Uduak has been content to ride pillion in our relationship. No matter what was, what is, or what will be: the thought, the promise, the benignity, the care-giving energies which make it mentally and physically possible for me to put thoughts into type, the everything – for eternity!

Chianu likened his wife to a rose in Law of Landlord and Tenant: Cases and Comments (3rd ed.), Nigeria Printer Publication: Lagos, 2020, vi:

At home, Rose is ready to hand and that is appreciated! Nothing I say can overdo the praise my vivacious wife, Uduak, deserves. Between her wise counsel and practical assistance, she blooms like blossom. To be sure, “we are satisfied with the approval and full of the blessing of Jehovah.” – Deuteronomy 33:23.

Uduak is a prized wife. In Law of Securities for Bank Advances (Mortgage of Land) (3rd ed.), Ambik Press: Benin, 2017, v, Chianu revealed her qualities:

I have spent more than half of my adult life with my prized wife, Uduak. She has proved a most loving, kind, caring, compassionate, tender, trustworthy and intimate soul-mate. For one thing, she helps me to hone my patience and perseverance, virtues required for the noble endeavour of literariness.

Chianu called her a Perfection of Prettiness in Company Law, LawLords Publications: Abuja, 2012, viii:

It would be ungallant of me to omit to mention my perfection of prettiness, my wife, Uduak, who has a way of lovingly nudging me beyond my threshold.

In Law of Landlord and Tenant: Cases and Comments (2nd ed.), Nigeria Printer Publication: Lagos, 2006, vi, Prof. humbly thanked her for marrying him:

Uduak, thank you for marrying me; you are an intimate companion, close confidant and a sweet wife.

Uduak is a housekeeper. In School Law for Proprietors, Teachers and Parents, Enslee Ltd: Benin, 2007, iv, Chianu noted:

I owe my wife, Uduak, an ocean of gratitude for being an uncomplaining tidy housekeeper, for most times, I am a jumble when I write.

Uduak helps out with typesetting – Law of Trespass to Land and Nuisance (2nd ed.), Ambik Press: Benin, 2007, v:

My dear wife, Uduak, very generously typeset some of the chapters and did so with the kindliest care. I most grateful to her for this and all other acts of goodness which go beyond her duty as a wife.

In Employment Law, Bemicov Publishers: Ondo, 2004, vii, Chianu said Uduak is a loyal helpmate:

My loyal helpmate, Uduak, has blessed me with her enduring love, care and support. These past years Jehovah’s face has shone upon us most resplendently: Psalm 31:16a. May this be our lot in the zillion years ahead.

Uduak is a prized wife – Law of Securities for Bank Advances (Mortgage of Land) (2nd ed.), Ambik Press: Benin, 2004, iv:

My wife has continued to keep the home front warm and tranquil. She has been beside and behind me as I endeavour to remain intellectually active, administrative obligations notwithstanding. Uduak, you remain a prized wife.

Chianu said Uduak is a gift from God in Law of Landlord and Tenant, Oliz Publishers: Benin, 1994, v:

I should like to thank Uduak, my discreet, I might almost say, fastidious, wife whose meticulousness reflects in this book. She stoically put up with papers flying around in the house and kept arranging and rearranging the dining table which I converted to my study. No doubt, a capable wife is a gift from Jehovah (Proverbs 18:22; 19:14; 31:10).  

Uduak has an impeccable knowledge of English language. In Title to Improvements on Land in Nigeria, Ernslee Ltd: Benin, 1992, vi, Chianu revealed:

I wish to acknowledge the assistance of my wife, Uduak, rendered in the preparation of this book. She placed at my disposal her impeccable knowledge of English language while proofreading the manuscript. More than that, she exhibited amazing continence when I had to leave her in the cold very early in our married life while I worked on this book.

Stephen Azubuike
Author: Stephen Azubuike
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