Omoni Oboli and Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) are celebrities of high pedigree without any character blemish. In a 2019 movie titled, Love is War, produced by Omoni Oboli, the talented actress played out some captivating love scenes with RMD who played the role of her husband in the movie.

As expected, the duo had to make it as real as possible in order to entertain the viewers and maintain quality of production. However, given the marital status of Omoni and RMD in real life, tongues wagged at the time. The controversy resurfaced when a fan recently called out the pretty actress for her role in the movie and she delivered an epic response

Generally, movie stars like Omoni and RMD are professionals with the capacity to detach themselves emotionally. It will be preposterous to conclude that any real life romance happened or will happen between Omoni and RMD.

There is no contention that actions in movies are not as real as they appear to the viewers. But with particular reference to love scenes, producers and directors tend to try to make them as real as possible. Meanwhile, they deploy all manner of tricks to take care of many others.

Some movie enthusiasts have contended that movie stars who play love roles are only acting and never get entangled. But this is not entirely true. We have seen a number of examples overtime. In a recent piece, Jessica Wedemeyer identified real-life celeb couples who fell in love on set. She reports that Kit Harington and Rose Leslie first connected while co-starring as enemies-turned-lovers on Game of Thrones where they acted as Jon Snow and Ygritte respectively.  They split in 2013 but later reconciled before getting engaged in 2017. They wed in Scotland in June 2018 and recently welcomed a baby. Anyone who watched the relevant scenes in Game of Thrones involving Jon Snow and Ygritte (one of the Wildings) will recall the hot romance. “You know nothing, Jon Snow” was one of Ygritte’s famous lines in the TV Series.

Another example is the marriage between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Emily Sheridan reports that after years of speculation, Brad Pitt finally admitted he fell in love with Angelina Jolie while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. This was while they were filming Mr & Mrs Smith. In an exclusive report, Pitt and Jolie admitted that they were so sneaky at the time that they even managed to hide their secret feelings for each other from their bodyguard. They later got married but have since divorced.

The tendency to catch feelings mid-shoot extends to the home front, too. In an interview, Nollywood star Chinyere Okafor made reference to actors who fell in love while on set

From the above, we can see that the possibilities are there. The rehearsals and multiple takes of these love scenes could sometimes cause the actors to feel drawn to each other. The romance that possibly ensues is not the one seen on the scene, but the one unseen behind the scene. Therefore, those who speculate romance are not making claims that are totally baseless or unfounded. But is it in anybody’s place to worry? No. Like Omoni Oboli said, “Las las, everybody will be alright!”



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