A. Ensure your formal written petition reaches the Ministry of Education & the Inspector General of Police. Engage a sound private lawyer to carefully marshal out the facts in a chronological order.

B. You and your son (in company of your lawyer) have the right to attend every hearing for the purpose of the investigation. Be composed. Observe the proceedings and take notes and records.

C. The road to justice in Nigeria is torrid. Be circumspect. Creating awareness through social media is great. But refocus on following through with the investigations. Social media “court” has its limitations. Ask the Dakolos!

D. Any person, organization, or authority that aims to cover up an issue always find clever means to do so. Stop crying and be alert. Tears can blur your vision.

E. Let your lawyer build evidence. He or she needs the slightest of details and information. Your son is your star witness. He needs to be properly counseled and well-prepared. No court or tribunal will decide a case in your favour mainly based on social media reports. Credible evidence is like an engine oil. If you lack it, your case, like a car engine, will knock!

F. Articulate the fruits of justice you desire to reap. Is it monetary compensation for your son? Do you desire the accused persons to go to jail? Think now!


Click here for the report of the alleged sexual assault and molestation suffered by Don Davis, the JSS 1 student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


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Stephen Azubuike
Author: Stephen Azubuike
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